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Fidgety Hands = Infinite Wealth

If you’re looking for something fun, meaningful and lucrative to do with your idle handles, starting a plant hobby is for you!

Many fruits have viable seeds that are ready to start as soon as you’ve enjoyed their outer flesh and require a little bit of manual care to get started.

Trees that you start can be sold or planted to grow more fruit.


Enter a world beyond mere games,
where you’ll discover new freedom through gardening, eco-consciousness, and the wonders of the natural world.
Play everywhere.


Free Play

We play to make a difference.

Get started by posting resources for local growing:


Envision locally-grown, beyond-organic fast food chain
with a map of sources with information about how your food was grown,
and how you can participate in exchange for epic food!

This is the mission of the BYTE project, BackYard-to-Table Experience,
which you can grow in your region:


Grow local resources,
get 10% off
+ passive income

Post any 3 of the Top Picks,
get a coupon code for 10% off orders.

Share your donation info in your posts
to get direct support for your good deeds.

If you share your coupon code,
you earn 15% commission from each purchase!

Coupon Quest Guidelines

Grow Here
  • Ideal locations are yards or lots owned by the author or with permission granted for gardening
    • Ideal locations have areas that are free of human alterations, such as: mowing, pesticide or herbicide treatments, aggressive weeding, or grass seeding
      • Indoor spaces are allowed, as long as they can be accessed to grow food (e.g. sprouts or mushrooms); privacy settings can be used (details below)
    • If there is likelihood that one of the above methods will be applied near the growing area, please indicate it in the “Conditions” section for gardeners to take heed
    • If you prefer to vet people before they visit the location, follow the alternative Location instructions below.
  • Other locations are also acceptable: notes can serve as a form of petition or declaration (see also: Lay Claim)
General Guidelines

For your posts to be considered, be sure they meet these criteria:

  • Account: Register for updates to get your coupon after completing the quest. Log in with that same account for each post you want credited for the Coupon Quest.
  • Title: Either use the default title or choose another that reflects your content.
  • Content: Fill out the selected form or rewrite it as needed. Insert photos for added usefulness.
  • Categories: Use the default categories, or adjust them as appropriate for your post. At our discretion, we give coupons to authors of helpful map notes that have at least one of the following categories:
    EcoAction, EcoFriend, EcoProposal, EcoResource, GrowHere, Unexpected Fruit Tree
  • Location: At the site of resource, activity, or entity.
    • In respect for the need for privacy, notes can be placed “nearby” the actual location. Please include mention of whether the location is approximate. Users can comment a request to visit the actual location; if feasible, please provide a pathway for visiting the location.
  • Privacy: either leave it as public or make it only visible to [email protected]
  • Posts from all sections apply. At our discretion, we will give additional discounts for extra, helpful posting.
  • Your posts may include ways to support your ecofriendly projects, such as payment information and specific material requests.
    • You can edit your posts to include your coupon code after you’ve qualified.

Our primary qualification is that posts helpfully communicate ecofriendly resources or actions.

It may take a few minutes/hours/days for us to validate your submissions.