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Imagine a garment that dances with the waves and whispers tales of the earth beneath your feet. The Whispering Waves Bikini, with its double-layered embrace, mirrors the serene intertwining of the fungal and plant networks hidden within the soil. Crafted from recycled polyester and elastane, its fabric hues mimic the tranquil blues of the sea and the lush greens of the forest floor, making it a perfect companion for water wading, swimming, or simply basking in the sunlight by the water’s edge. The removable pads offer comfort and flexibility, allowing you to move with the grace of the water’s flow. Whether you’re engaging in a quiet introspection by the beach or joining a spirited plantathon, this bikini serves as a gentle reminder of our symbiotic relationship with nature, all the while keeping you stylish, sporty, and sustainably minded.

This is a sturdy product that is made smaller than average American sizes. Please consult this specific product size guide:

To determine what is best fit, measure your waist at belly button and chest under the breast and compare it to double the 1/2 width measurement, assuming an inch of stretch or so.

This will likely be 1-2 sizes larger than your usual size.



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