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Imagine stepping into a realm where the earth’s whispers become clear, adorned in the Ethereal Forest Dive bikini. This garment, inspired by the secret conversations of roots and fungi beneath the soil, hugs your form with a double layer of recycled threads, 88% of which have been reclaimed with care from the embrace of the earth itself. As you wander along the shoreline or dive into the crystalline embrace of a hidden lake, the vibrant patterns reminiscent of allelochemical transmissions between plants dance across the fabric, a testament to the silent symphony playing beneath our feet. The removable pads offer a custom fit for your adventures, from serene lakeside reflections to the dynamic energy of a beach volleyball game. Crafted with zig-zag stitching, this bikini promises not only a day of comfort but a statement of interconnectedness with the natural world.

This is a sturdy product that is made smaller than average American sizes. Please consult this specific product size guide:

To determine what is best fit, measure your waist at belly button and chest under the breast and compare it to double the 1/2 width measurement, assuming an inch of stretch or so.

This will likely be 1-2 sizes larger than your usual size.



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