🌿🍄 Symbiotic Canopy: Dreamscape Explorer


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Imagine donning the Symbiotic Canopy: Dreamscape Explorer, a hat not just of fabric but of stories and connections. This reversible marvel, with its rich, soil-inspired patterns on one side and vibrant, neural network motifs on the other, invites you into a world where every outing becomes a journey. Its breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, reminiscent of the earth’s own cooling systems, ensures comfort whether you’re navigating the bustling city or embarking on a serene forest walk. Feel the elegance of its design, the unity of its primary colors, and the surprise of striking accents as you flip it to match your mood or outfit. As you wear it, let it be a reminder of the unseen, yet ever-present, connections beneath our feet and within our minds, guiding you towards introspection and the futuristic symbiosis of nature and humanity.



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Size Chart

Size guide
Top circumference (inches)23 ⅜25.00
Crown height (inches)3 ½4
Brim height (inches)2 ¾2 ¾