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Imagine slipping into the Ethereal Mycelium Joggers, where each stride takes you deeper into the heart of the forest’s whispers. These unisex joggers, crafted from 100% recycled polyester, mirror the intricate dance of the forest floor – a lightweight, water-resistant fabric that breathes with the earth. The mesh lining, akin to the airy canopy above, ensures comfort as you explore. Elastic ankle cuffs and waistband, adjustable by a drawcord, mold to your form like vines, offering freedom to move or pause in introspection. Zip pockets safeguard your treasures found along the way. In hues that echo the primary colors of nature – red, blue, and yellow – blended with vibrant streaks of orange, green, and gray, they invite you to merge with the organic and the futuristic, urging a harmony between movement and mindful stillness. Whether you’re embarking on an urban adventure or a contemplative wander in the wilderness, the Ethereal Mycelium Joggers become a part of your journey, a testament to the invisible networks that sustain us all.



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