🌿🧬 Mycelial Dreamscape Tee


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Imagine slipping into the Mycelial Dreamscape Tee, a garment that whispers tales of interconnected realms. With each step into the forest, this shirt becomes more than fabric—it transforms into a canvas of adventure, painted in vivid primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, accented with strokes of orange, blue, and green. Its unique blend of polyester and elastane mirrors the flexibility and resilience of nature’s own designs, allowing you to move freely from city walks to tree climbing, embodying the elegance of organic patterns. Feel the fabric’s smooth texture against your skin, a reminder of the soil’s nurturing embrace. As the sun sets, the Mycelial Dreamscape Tee becomes a part of you, a symbol of unity and sustainability, encouraging introspection and a deep bond with the earth beneath your feet.



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