🌱🌿 The Pathfinder Shorts


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Dawn breaks as you lace up your shoes, the air filled with the promise of discovery. Today, you’re donning 🌱🌿 The Pathfinder Shorts, your companion on this journey of exploration. As you step out, the fabric—91% recycled polyester, woven with 9% spandex for that perfect stretch—moves with you, a testament to your commitment to the planet. The vibrant hues of primary red, blue, and yellow reflect the sunrise, while accents of orange, blue, and green whisper of the forest’s depth you’re about to tread. Each stride brings a new understanding, a deeper connection with the earth beneath your feet. The moisture-wicking microfiber fabric keeps you cool as you ascend, and the UPF50+ protection shields you from the sun’s embrace. With every pocket of wilderness traversed, 🌱🌿 The Pathfinder Shorts bear witness to your journey—be it a brisk run through the heart of the forest, a quiet moment by the river, or a leap into the unknown. Here, in the harmony of movement and nature, you find your true rhythm.



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